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Texas Climate News is an online magazine about climate change and sustainability. TCN is dedicated to producing public-interest journalism, based on traditional principles of independent-mindedness, accuracy and fairness. In addition to our original reporting and analysis, TCN offers a regularly updated guide to reports by others. TCN is published by the Houston Advanced Research Center as a project of its Texas Climate Initiative.


 Texas Climate Initiative

The Texas Climate Initiative (TCI) is a unique public resource dedicated to the advancement of climate change science and education in Texas. The goal of this project is to have the TCI website become an important resource for "virtual" research and information needs on past, present, and future climate variability and change. TCI will review current scientific findings, policy strategies, and educational materials in a timely, credible, and comprehensible form. Special attention will be given to the risks and opportunities for Texas in the changing climate of the 21st century. A companion website, The Texas Climate News, will provide reporting and analysis of current news, opinion, and events.

The Texas Climate Initiative is a project of the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) and is directed by Robert Harriss. Sponsors include a generous grant from the Houston Endowment and funding from the HARC Endowment for Regional Sustainability Science.



 Mapping Air Quality in the Houston Metro Area


ARII is a general air quality site geared primarily towards source attribution by the public, as well as the air quality research community, and is based on a highly accessible Google Maps/Earth platform. ARII integrates available regulatory and field campaign data for Houston.  Among the distinguishing features of ARII is the ability to visualize back trajectories within a Google Earth framework, so that the user can trace the path of pollution to a particular monitoring station from nearby industrial facilities, especially around the time of reported emission events.


Air Exposure Research Online (AERO) sub-portal

AERO provides access to a subset of the air quality data available through ARII, specifically the datasets associated with the RIOPA and HEATS personal exposure field studies, and supplementary data required for more detailed analysis of those field study datasets. AERO employs a specialized GIS platform, specifically ESRI's ArcGIS Server 10.0, and is geared towards the professional air pollutant exposure and health effects researcher. Click here to access AERO Web portal.

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